Purchase Educational Materials

REISA produces in-depth, educational resources for its members to use in the field. As a benefit, REISA allows members to purchase educational materials.

Choose from:

  • FYI Magazines
  • White paper - Tax and Economic Analysis of Tenant-In-Common Interests
  • White paper - Treatment of Tenant-in-common Interests as Securities
  • Position Statement
  • Case Study - ACE Profiles of Excellence case studies

Or you can download the order form and fax to 317-815-0871. If you have any additional questions, contact the REISA office at 317-663-4180.

Purchaser Questionnaire

REISA has developed a TIC Purchaser Questionnaire to standardize TIC subscriptions, streamlining the work for sponsors and reps and making the process simpler for investors who subscribed for more than one TIC at a time.

REISA TIC Purchaser Questionnaire

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