Recognizing that real estate ownership is an important step toward an individual’s and family’s financial security, the Foundation supports charitable organizations that help individuals attain the goal of home ownership or rebuild their homes after a natural disaster. It believes in helping rebuild lives one individual or family at a time. The Foundation also supports organizations that educate individuals about the value of home ownership and investing in real estate. 

To achieve this mission, the Foundation specifically supports:

  • Charitable organizations that support families or individuals in buying or building their first home (e.g.., Habitat for Humanity)
  • Charitable organizations that provide disaster relief in the form of rebuilding homes, especially in areas where government and other support has slowed or stopped but needs have continued (e.g., organizations that still provide Hurricane Katrina relief)
  • Charitable organizations that provide specific educational programs to low income families encouraging saving and investing (particularly in real estate) (e.g., programs funded by Habitat for Humanity and/or specific programs developed and funded by the Foundation).
  • Appearances at functions by government officials as a part of the ongoing education of members and the public

Foundation Board Members include:

Patricia DelRosso, Inland Real Estate Exchange Corporation
Bryan Mick, Mick & Associates PC LLO
Tim Snodgrass, Axxcess Capital LLC

Two Meridian Plaza,10401 North Meridian St, Suite 202, Indianapolis, IN 46290

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