REISA provides: 
-Knowledge through information and education 
-Networking and access to peers, professionals, leaders and regulators 
-Legislative and regulatory advocacy 

REISA is a national trade association of decision makers that influence over 20,000 professionals who offer and manage alternative investments. These typically include, but are not limited to: non-traded REITs, real estate partnerships, real estate income and development funds, tenant-in-common interests, oil and gas interests, and other securitized real estate investments. We work to maintain the integrity and reputation of the industry by promoting the highest ethical standards to its members and provide education, networking opportunities and resources. REISA connects members directly to key industry experts through intimate forums providing timely trends and education; helping create a diversified portfolio for their clients. 


REISA is the leading alternative investments association  providing education, networking and advocacy for members.

REISA has an active membership of more than 1,200 alternative investment professionals

REISA members include:

  • Sponsors/Issuers 
  • Broker-Dealers 
  • Accountants 
  • Attorneys 
  • Mortgage Bankers 
  • Institutional Lenders 
  • Qualified Intermediaries 
  • Registered Representatives 
  • Investment Advisers 
  • Registered Investment Advisors 
  • Due Diligence Officers 
  • Other affiliated professionals

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REISA is the leading alternative investments association providing education, networking and advocacy for members.

Two Meridian Plaza,10401 North Meridian St, Suite 202, Indianapolis, IN 46290

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