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REISA Awards Nominations
The REISA Awards Committee is now seeking nominations for A Champion of Excellence (ACE) and Distinguished Services Awards (DSA) which recognize outstanding achievement and exceptional service to REISA and the industry.

Nominations for the REISA "A Champion of Excellence" and "Distinguished Service" awards will be accepted from July 25 through August 16. REISA Award winners will be announced and recognized on the opening night of the REISA Annual Conference, Sunday, October 6.

Nomination forms should be completed in their entirety to ensure proper review.

If you have an individual in mind that would be a great fit as a REISA Award recipient, please consider nominating that person! If you have any questions regarding either nomination process, please contact .

Over the years, REISA has recognized the outstanding accomplishments of its members through the A Champion of Excellence (ACE) Award, President's Award and Distinguished Service Award. These awards have been designated for those individuals or companies who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence, service to our industry and adhere to the highest ethical standards and quality performance in the industry.

ACE Award
The ACE Award is the highest honor bestowed on a REISA member by the Association. This award is given to those who have reached a pinnacle in their career and have brought credit to themselves and the Association through distinguished accomplishments in all of the following areas:

  • Business and professional life

  • Community affairs at local, state or national affairs levels

  • Support of the advancement and continued excellence of REISA


  • Must be a REISA member or have a demonstrable record of service to REISA and its membership

  • Effectively works with all cultures within the association

  • Dedicated to serving the industry

  • Goes above and beyond professional responsibilities

  • Demonstrates selflessness

  • Successfully works with the development of partnerships and coalitions which will achieve REISA's goals

Past recipients:

2006         Inland Real Estate Exchange Corporation

2006         Pacific West Securities Inc.

2006         Bill Swayne, WMS Financial Planners        

2007         Passco Companies                              

2007         OMNI Brokerage                                 

2007         James Shaw, CapHarbor LLC         

2007         Darryl Steinhause, Luce Forward                                  

2008         Moody National Companies                           

2008         H&R Block Financial Advisors        

2008         David Hartness, 1031 Exchange Strategies Inc.     

2008         Arnold Harrison, Jenner & Block LLP                           

2009         Daniel Oschin, BGK Integrated Group                        

2009         Joe Techar, Wildwood Wealth Management                          

2009         Sue Speidel, Inland Real Estate Corporation                            

2009         Brandon Balkman, OMNI Brokerage                           

2010         Richard Lipton, Baker & McKenzie LLP                       

2011         Mark Kosanke       

2012         Berthel Fisher & Company               

Distinguished Service Award
The REISA Distinguished Service Award is presented to an individual who has provided exceptional service to REISA, the industry REISA serves or the community.


  • Must be a current member of REISA and have been a member for at least 1 year

  • Must have a demonstrable record of service to REISA and its membership

  • Must be currently involved in the real estate securities industry

  • Successfully works with the development of partnerships and coalitions which will achieve REISA's goals

  • Clear background check

Past recipients:

2010         Deborah Froling, Arent Fox LLP                     

2010         Kathy Heshelow, CapWest Securities, Legacy RE & Investments

2010         Daniel Oschin, BGK Integrated Group                        

2010         Brad Updike, Mick & Associates                                   

2011         Jim Fitzpatrick

2012         Angela Ahlholm Strauss, NoMax Group

2012         Tony Chereso, FactRight

2012         Rick Chess, Chess Law Firm

2012         Darryl Steinhause, DLA Piper

2012         Bill Winn, Passco Companies                       

President's Award
The REISA President will select the winner of this award. This award will be given to an individual or organization who has made outstanding contributions in one or more of the following ways:

  • Exceptional accomplishment in their chosen field

  • Exceptional service in local, state or national affairs

  • Exceptional service in support of the advancement and continued excellence of REISA

Past recipients:

2010         Robert A. Stanger & Company

2011         American Realty Capital

2012         Franklin Square Capital Partners

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