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Build your career, the industry and the association by serving on a REISA committee. The time commitment is relatively small, but the impact you can make is significant. All committees meet in person at the REISA Annual Conference in October, and then average one call per month in select months.  Volunteer today, as the Call for Committee Members is open for a limited time.

2012 REISA Committee Structure


The REISA Executive Committee approved a new committee structure for 2012 in order to streamline committee efforts, increase efficiency and help to better ensure the REISA Board of Directors’ vision is carried out through committee work. It is anticipated that each committee will have two co-chairs and one or two vice chairs so that committee work can continue even if there is a leadership change. Each committee will also have a defined purpose based on the strategic initiatives of the Board.

Staff will be more hands on and have more control and authority to ensure committees are kept on task and projects are completed in a timely manner. The role of Board liaisons will be dissolved and staff liaisons will be relied upon to compile quarterly Board reports to ensure timeliness and accuracy. The COO will serve as oversight on all five committees to maintain knowledge of overall association activities and monitor that committee work is in line with the Board’s strategic initiatives.

Conference Planning Committee
PURPOSE: Oversees the program and planning for REISA’s Annual Conference, Due Diligence Forum and Spring Symposium. They work to develop a compelling theme, agenda, recruit and assign speakers and entertainment. They also serve as ambassadors for REISA during each conference.

Ethics & Standards Committee
PURPOSE: Oversees the REISA Code of Ethics and Guide to Certain Best Practices. Reviews any membership complaint regarding a violation of the Code of Ethics and provide a recommendation to the Executive Committee for any action.

Due Diligence Subcommittee
Focus: Focused on due diligence practices in the industry.

Best Practices Subcommittee
Focus: Focused on developing best practices guidelines, memorandums and white papers for the Association and industry to follow.

Education Subcommittee
Focus: Works on webinars, qualifying REISA’s conference for continuing education credit and supporting the Guide to Certain Best Practices.

BDC Subcommittee

Focus: To educate members about BDCs and influence and advocate on behalf of the members on issues regarding BDCs.

Executive Committee
PURPOSE: Comprised of the President, President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary and works closely with the Association Executive Staff leadership to make decisions and ensure the Association is running properly.

Oversight of the following:

Audit & Finance Committee
PURPOSE: Oversees the financial matters of the organization, particularly the annual audit process and selection of an Auditing firm.

REISA Awards Selection Committee

PURPOSE: Works in conjunction with the Executive Staff leadership to determine the award recipients for the annual REISA Awards: A Champion of Excellence Award (ACE), Distinguished Service Award (DSA) and the President’s Award.

Election Committee
PURPOSE: Works in conjunction with the Executive Staff leadership to promote elections, oversee the entire election process and welcome the new Board. Elections take place in the fall of each year prior to the Annual Conference.

BDAC (Broker-Dealer Advisory Council)
A forum restricted to broker-dealers only with special discussion topics of relevant issues affecting the BD community.

ALC (Advisors Leadership Council)
A forum restricted to financial advisors only with special discussion topics of relevant issues affecting the advisor community.

REISA Foundation
Notes: The Foundation is a separate entity from REISA, although a related one. It’s a 501(c)3 and has its own bylaws. Through its liaison, the Foundation informs the REISA Board of Directors on their activities.

Legislative and Regulatory Committee
PURPOSE: Works on the Association’s lobbying and grassroots efforts in government as well as advocate for regulation in the best interest of the industry and REISA members.

Capital Markets Subcommittee
Focus: Committed to streamlining the lending processing by working with various industry lenders, special services providers and B-piece buyers to properly educate professionals involved in securitized real estate transactions.

Arbitration Subcommittee
Focus: Keep an eye on the current arbitration environment and look at ways that REISA might be able to influence, change or create a network by which members can collaborate on issues related to similar cases through forums or other resources. This might include questions and concerns regarding investor claims concerning private placement products that are in FINRA arbitration or court cases.

Oversight of the following:

The REISA PAC reports on its activities to the REISA Board.

Membership Committee
PURPOSE: Develops and maintains Association programs, products and services relevant for each class of membership within the Association. It is focused on all aspects of membership recruitment and retention.

DPP Subcommittee
Focus: Oversees the development and integrity of the Direct Participation Professional (DPP) designation program, including selecting conference sessions for DPP credit, creation of test questions and the review of any questionable applicants and professional development eligibility.

Marketing Subcommittee
Focus: Develops and implement marketing initiatives and activities to increase awareness of the Association and attract new members and increase event attendance.

Editorial Subcommittee
Focus: Oversees REISA publications, including quarterly magazine, FYI, weekly Headline News and monthly e-newsletter. The Committee writes articles for FYI, summaries of articles for Headline News and ensures that all publications maintain the integrity and standards set by REISA.

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