REISA Board of Directors

REISA's Board of Directors is comprised of leaders who have helped build this industry. Each Director serves a term of two years, with these terms being staggered so that five or six directors are elected each year. A maximum of two Ex-Officio Directors can be appointed to the Board, but have no voting rights. In addition, the immediate past president is entitled to attend and participate in all meetings of the Board.

Michael Weil, President
Mark Kosanke, President-Elect
Tom Voekler, Vice President
Mike Bendix, Secretary
Tony Chereso, Treasurer
Daniel Oschin, Immediate Past President
Shim Plotkin, Director
Brad Updike, Director
Darryl Steinhause, Ex-Officio, Legal Counsel
Dr. Randy Anderson, Director
Peter Blum, Director
Deborah Froling, Director
Hollis Greenlaw, Director
Paul King, Director
DeVonna Murrin, Director
Bill Winn, Ex-Officio, CPC Chair
John Harrison, Ex-Officio, REISA Executive Director
Two Meridian Plaza,10401 North Meridian St, Suite 202, Indianapolis, IN 46290

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