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SEC Delays Rules on Advertising & REISA Makes Call for 2013 Committees

President Obama Signs JOBS Act: Landmark Legislation Changes the Face of Raising Capital for Small Businesses



Ascent Realty Launches "To Rescue" TIC Deals

Are TIC Workouts Working Out?
By Coni Rathbone

The New 3.8% Tax on "Unearned Income"

By Lou Weller

Investors Dig In for 'Painfully Slow' Recovery

By Paul Bubny

Fiduciary Standard?

By Bill Bachrach

Did TARP Work?
By Erika Morphy

Number of Non-Traded REITs Growing

By Hortense Leon

Industry Wary of Carried Interest
By Erika Morphy

Like-Kind Exchanges with Aircraft
CPA Journal
By Bert Zarb

REISA Rises From TICA's Ashes
California Real Estate Journal
By Julie Nakashima

Do Your Own Due Diligence
Oil & Gas Financial Journal
By Meredith Traudt

Shock and Awe Tax Policy
Los Angeles Daily Journal

By Robert Steinberg

Several New Regulatory Changes Should Generate a Greater Need for Tax-Deferred Exchanges
New England Real Estate Journal
By Anthony Lombardi

1031 Exchanges Can be Utilized for a Variety of Assets
Illinois Agri-News

Nothing is Certain with Death and Estate Taxes

California Real Estate Journal
By Julie Nakashima

1031s and Net Lease: Going Full Cycle?
New Jersey and Company Magazine
By Dees Stribling

FINRA Unveils Guidelines for Social Media and Blogging
Investment News

Intermediary Behavior
Shopping Center Business

2010 Outlook from Patricia DelRosso
By Erika Morphy

Deconstructing Real Estate Investment Trusts
New York Real Estate Journal
By Craig M. Porter-Rollins

What Should Investors Know Before Hiring Qualified Intermediaries?

Commercial Investment Real Estate
By James Freeman and Ricky Novak

20 Tips for Becoming a Successful Tenancy In Common Sponsor

The Practical Real Estate Lawyer
By Eric Perkins

Commercial: Has Time Run Out?

REALTOR Magazine
By Mariwyn Evans

1031 Exchange Spotlight
Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal

TICA Relaunches Under REISA Banner
Florida Real Estate Journal

Market-Tossed Investors Still Find Value in Real Estate
Wealth Management Business
By Brandon Raatikka, Grant Chaput and Meredith Traudt, FactRight LLC

TICA Looks to Diversify in Challenging Times
Riverside Business Journal
By Mandy Jackson

TIC Group Gets New Look For Changing Times
Commercial Property News
By Paul Rosta

TICA to Change Name to RE Inv. Securities Association
New York Real Estate Journal

Land Views
By Dechay Watts

Tired of Being a Landlord?

LORE Magazine

By Dan Ahmad and Jim Files

Ground Ownership Income and Upside for 1031 Investors

Northeast Real Estate Business

By Will Obeid

Tenant-in-common Ownership Offers Real Estate Investment Alternative

Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business

By Amelia Veneziano

SEC v. Edwards: Traditional Investment Contract
Analysis Applied By Supreme Court To Payphones Sold And Leased Back With A Fixed Return
By Louis J. Rogers

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